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End-time: 15 Dec 2017
Message From Principal

I am delighted to inform the inhabitants of Feni that Presidency School & College has been established in Feni with a view to equipping the students with modern education and leadership qualities in them inspired with patriotism, uprightness and deep religious feelings.
Presidency School & College is the first ever trilingual English version institution in Feni. The curriculum, syllabus, books and teaching methodology are well integration of English, Arabic and Bangali and this school is run by the uniform system and management.
There are two types of education systems in our country: General education and Madrasah education. As these two types of education are quite different from each other, our Muslim students are deprive of receiving actual modern education and learning the holy Quran and the authentic Hadith compulsory, they will be enlightened not only with modern education but also be adorned with moral height and unique character. As the institution run by integrating the approaches of general education system and Madrasah education system including the curriculum, syllabuses and text, the Muslim students will get the opportunity of receiving the actual modern education and having real knowledge of their own religion following too.
As our institution is quite and exceptional one and as it is free from politics and smoke, I request the inhabitants of Feni to help us to produce competent students of high morality who will be able to transform our country into a golden one. we feel like saving run offspring from terrorism and militancy.

M.A Hanif
BA (Hons) MA in (English)
28 th BCS Qualified.

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